Simple Case [Out of Order Challenge]

The screams tasted like what it thought lemon drops must taste like, deliciously sweet.


Detective Albrecht looked through the taped off doorway at the crime scene that stretched from one end of the $40 a night hotel room to the other. Pieces of evidence were scattered over the bed that had seen too many illicit couples, all the way to the television that was too old and outdated to be of any use.


It watched them intently from the shadows; human interactions were the most compelling of all the other creatures. The way they played off each other, sold themselves, gave in to the most primal of urges, but still acted like they were above everything else God had created.


“Honey, I’m sorry!â€? Dale held the cell phone between his ear and his shoulder, his left hand busy rotating the steering wheel and his right hand attempting to open a small baggy filled with a soft, white, powder. The car moved at a brisk pace pass the neon glow of sex shops and strip clubs, a few miles under the limit.

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