Out-of-Order Challenge - Opportunity

My heart was pounding. It thumped in my chest like a jackhammer in slow motion. The stairwell echoed my heavy footsteps as I made my way down to the first level. I had the duffel bag slung over my left shoulder…four hundred thousand dollars!

I cracked the door at the bottom and took a careful peak out. Pretty stupid, really. Anybody noticing would be suspicious. There was the Bronco, twenty yards away.

I’m not sure why, but I had to psych myself up to leave the safety of the stairwell.


I walked quickly toward the truck, fumbling with the keys. I noticed I still had the rubber gloves on. I pulled them off and threw them to the ground.

I swear my chest was about to explode.

That’s when I saw the Caddy coming down the ramp. June’s car. Going fast.

Too fast.

Way too fast!

She slammed into the Bronco, sending glass and metal flying. I ran up to the car buried into the side of my Bronco.

Blood. She was slumped over the dash. Dead.

I snatched the backpack and started running.

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