Gossip (New Series)

“What were you thinking? How could you tell our grade that I like him? I don’t anymore! First you call me fat and then this!” Caitlyn was really angry. “What the hell is your problem? I can never trust you again!” Caitlyn screamed into my face.

“Are you serious? For one, I never said you were fat! That was a misunderstanding. And I didn’t ever tell anyone except Tim, that you liked him. And, you told me to tell him! I didn’t tell anyone else!” I screamed back.

“Yeah right, well so much for not talking behind eachother’s backs.We had a pact, Nicole!” she said.

“You really want to get into people talking behind backs. What about you? I heard that you said I was ugly, and that you didn’t know how I kept reeling in the guys.” I screamed. Her pupils narrowed when I mentioned that.

“Well, you are the most horrible, ugliest person I have ever met! I don’t even know why we were friends!” She shouted back.

I started walking away, “Don’t walk away from me. This is not over!” I heard her squeal.

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