Spy vs Villian [Precise Maneuvers Challenge]

Neither fighter breaks eye contact as the explosions continue to echo through the cavernous lair. The man in the suit removes his jacket and throws it to the side, sleeves are rolled up with short, sharp movements. The other man, bald with a look of resignation, cracks his knuckles in order.

The rush comes very suddenly. The suited man sends a right hook toward his opponents head. The block is reflexive and a left knee comes up toward the gut, the suited man shifts back slightly and the bald mans knee extends into a kick which is barely deflected in time. Allowing the momentum to push him, the bald man steps into the deflection and jabs with his left at a target that’s already ducking in anticipation, and than rushing forward.

The suits tackle was instinctive and both men topple to the ground. The bald man, on the bottom, raises his knees up and flips the suited man over. Both men rise to their feet, the ground rumbling under them. The bald man smiles, the scar running across his face crinkles grotesquely.

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