Christmas Stranger Pt. 2

When we last left Ana, the visitor wanted to ask her something…
“Are you alone this Christmas?” the handsome stranger asked, almost teasing.
Ana almost looked uncomfortable, but also a bit embarrassed. “Yes,” she finally said, “my boyfriend left me last summer for his surfing instructor.”
“Your ex-boyfriend you mean,” said the stranger with a small smile, “well, he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.” The smile turned mischievous.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Ana returned the smile. Then she realized that she didn’t even know the man’s name, gorgeous as he was. “So what’s your name, mysterious stranger?” Ana said with a hint of sarcasm.
“My name’s Mark. Yours?”
“Pleased to meet you, Ana.” Mark kissed Ana’s hand gracefully.
“The pleasure is all mine.” Ana laughed. “Look how proper we’re being.” Ana said it in an English accent.
Mark laughed, too. “Ah yes, my darling”
“Hmm… your English accent is better than mine. Any secrets?”

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