Me and JB 97

“Jessica! Get down here now! We’re leaving!” called mom.
“Coming!” Everything was set. Except me. I mean all my stuff was packed but I still wasn’t ready. I trudged down the stairs and out the door. Whoa. We were taking a limo? Wow. I got into the limo and realized I was the second to last person ready. Nick, Joe, Kevin, Frankie, Mr. and Mrs. Jonas, Lauren, Michelle, and Joey were all ready seated.
“Hi,” I said weakly. I was blushing.
“Hey,” said Joe. “What took you so long?” I felt my face burning up.
“Just kidding!” said Joe.
Twenty minutes later we were on our way to the airport. Christmas was in the air. Well, I felt Christmas in the eighty degree air. We never got snow in LA but we had the spirit. Lights were going up and everywhere and everything was in place.
“Excited?” asked Nick. I nodded.
“This is great, we get to spend Christmas with each other,”.
“I know. It’s awesome!” Everything felt so right. This was going to be the best Christmas ever!

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