Me and JB 100

“Now what?” said Nick and Frankie in unison. This was surprising. Wouldn’t my mother notice that I wasn’t on the the plane? Smart one, mom. I’m going to remember this.
“I don’t know. Maybe a…hotel?” Nick shrugged his shoulders.
“Wouldn’t you think that either of us have a credit card?” I nodded. I didn’t have a credit. card. I’d probably get one when I was my mother’s age. Nick didn’t either. Even though he was a Jonas brother, he had standards.
“Hey! Let’s call them!” I said. There was really nothing they could do except tell us what to do.
“Good idea,”. I slipped my cell phone out of my purse and punched in my mom’s number. It started to ring but not to my surprise your supposed to turn off your cell phones when your on a plane. Great.
“Were you kids supposed to board that plane?” asked the woman. We all nodded.
“Wait here,”. The woman left the desk leaving us just standing there. Clueless. Now what? Frankie plopped down on the floor. He looked mad.
“Now we’re confused and hungry!” he said sadly.

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