House Party

I sat down on the first open piece of furniture that was not being…â€?usedâ€? and Jake soon found me and sat down next to me.
“Hey!â€? Jake said so quietly that I had to strain to hear him.
“ Oh hi!â€? I said acting suprised. “ Whats wrong?â€? I forced myself to ask afraid of what he was going to say.
I could feel Patrick across the room, staring at me with concern and emotion written across his face. He knew. And he was worried, concerned even. My boyfriend was concerned that I was with my very close guy friend at a party on the couch….Ya I could kinda see that.
My head was foggy and my throat was begging for air. I wanted very badly to lie down.
I quickly removed myself from the scene and went outside.
Outside was peaceful, I sat on an empty chair and breathed freely.
The next thing I knew Jake had appeared next to me. I turned around to face him and nearly fell over. He caught me in his huge arms and my hands lay on his chest. My face was in his hands and out on the deck,

He kissed me.

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