Ment to be...not

I shoved him away hard nearly sending myself over the rail. I caught the rail breathing hard and steadied. His face was filled with pain almost to the point of tears.“Jake I…..I couldn’t…Patrick…â€? I chocked out. He turned away not listening. A tear slid down his cheek. In my same usual fashion I reached up to brush it away.
My hand stung when it was harshly slapped down. Tears slid down my face and his. He shook his head slowly and turned away. I reached out for something to grab, anything, my vision was flickering and slowly darkening. I watched almost as in a hazy dream as Jake disapeared behind the glass door to the inside. His eyes were the intense deep sea blue that made me melt to see them water like that.
“ Jake!â€? I cried out. Everything moved slowly, like a dream.I tried again. “Jake!â€? My voice cracked when I said it, but he had already closed the doors to the deck and was disapearing, behind the glass I saw him shake his head and then he left.I tipped and my body hit the deck hard.

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