Goodbye Kevin (Join the chain!!!)

I really don’t know you but that doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I know your the reason Ficlets exists. I just wanted to say thank you like a billion times cuz this site is one of the greatest things that I have ever found. I’m so overtly happy that I decided to click on that pic on my aim today homepage. It truly lead to some amazing. I shudder to think what if I hadn’t clicked it.

Ficlets is my favorite addiction. No matter where I am or who I’m with, if I can get on the internet I’m on Ficlets (even at school!). My best friend should start charging me for use of her iPhone lol.

It got me writing, something I really didn’t realize I love to do till I found this site. It lets me express my feelings freely. Something I had trouble with before and it really wasn’t healthy. You gave me an escape from the craziness of my life. I feel so welcomed here, its great cuz thats really hard to find that now a days.

So thanks Kevin. Thanks for one of the greatest things in my life!

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