Off to science

David told Alex his name begrudgingly, and then the digital red letters on one of the schools hall clocks caught his eye. Only 16 minutes until the start of his first class.

“I’m sure its great to meet me,” David said coldly, “but I have to go. First period with Warwhitz in the science wing.â€?

“Same here!” Alex exclaimed happily, eyes wide with genuine shock and excitement, “let us go together neighbor, and learn things!â€? Not being able to think of anything to say, and feeling a little displaced, David simply turned and started walking toward where he knew the class room was.

The halls were clearing out as all the new students found their respective first period class rooms. The science wing was easy to find, as awkwardly designed as the school was outside everything inside was very well labeled and directions were clear.

By the time David arrived at the class room most of the outer seats had been taken so he settled into the middle, Alex took the seat beside him and glanced around, beaming at everyone.

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