Ask the Wonderball

“You first,” Emily prodded. “I’m nervous. The answer has to be a number of some kind.”

“Alright,” said Lona. “How many boys have I made out with?”

The Wonderball’s swirled blue exterior shimmered. The effect was three dimensional, even while staring at it’s hard surface. Emily rotated the ball so that both girls could see the glass window at its pole.

The answer cube emerged from within the soupy red liquid inside with its response – 11.

“Lona!” hissed Emily. “My lord, girl.” Lona, not expecting the right answer, felt her cheeks flush.

Emily was excited. “Alright, my turn – how many boys will I make out with this school year?” The answer cube appeared, after only a few seconds – 0.

“Bummer, Em.”

“That’s so stupid!” yelled Emily, shaking the ball. “Why would I not make out with any boys during senior year? I mean, am I going to be dead, or like, in a coma or something?” She and Lona laughed in mutual disbelief.

The answer cube, meanwhile, returned to the window with its response – Yes.

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