The Little Voice Inside Your Head...

He stared at me in confusion, and I gave a sigh – I ran a hand through my hair, and gave a huge yawn.

“I was at a family reunion,” I muttered, sounding quite dismal.

“Not too happy about it, huh?” he smirked.

“You could say that,” I yawned again, and stretched.

“Speaking of family,” Ryuuki said, shuffling closer to me, “Do you and your brother live alone?”

“Er…sort of,” I said, trying to escape his gaze.

“Sort of? You either do or don’t,” he stated, and narrowed his eyes.

I gave a nervous smile, and then it hit me that I didn’t know anything, not even the slightest inkling, about Ryuuki’s family.

Way to go, Haine. You have zilch information on your boyfriend. Lovely way to start the morning.

I berated the little voice in my head harshly, and thankfully, it shut up long enough for me to churn out an answer.

“We do live alone – it’s a bit…complicated,” I said, smoothing my PJs.

“Besides, what are you doing here first thing in the morning?” I asked, irritation creeping into my voice.

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