The Morning Haze

Triple polar, Haine? I’m impressed. You’re usually not that original in the morning, the voice said, and I could almost SEE the damned thing smirking.

I fluffed up my hair in an annoyed manner (looking very much like an irritated red tailed hawk), and pushed him off of my bed.

“Out, out, out, out, OUT !” I whisper – yelled, and shoved him in the direction of the window.

“Aw, Haine, can’t I use the front door?” he asked, a lock of brown blond hair falling into his eyes.
“You know fully well that if you don’t leave right now, that I’m going to toss you out myself!” I said, pushing him as I put emphasis on the words.
“Geez, you are crabby in the mornings,” Ryuuki murmured, and my head shot up.
“Who told you I was crabby in the mornings?!” I demanded, my face turning redder.
He smiled slyly, and went half way out the window. He pointed at Coco, who was sitting at the foot of my bed. “The dog told me.”

And then he was gone.

I looked back at Coco, who cocked her head at me.

Well, it was possible.

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