Burger King Drive-Thru (Out-of-Order Challenge)

“26, what’s your 20?â€? The crackling of the radio indicated its age.

“Hey Monique, good to hear your voice again.â€? Jose’s flirting never really worked on Monique, but he kept on trying.

“Cut the crap Jose, what’s your 20?â€?

“Burger King drive-thru. Uh, 19th and Baseline.â€? The cashier looked in at Jose and I, gave us a smile and our bag of food.

“Get over to the 10 Eastbound, at the 24th street exit. We just got a call about a multi car pile up. Multiple injuries. Fire and PD on route.â€?

“We’re on it.â€? Jose cradled the mic, and yanked his burger from the bag. “Bet I can finish this before you get us there.â€?

I flipped on the sirens, pulled out of the parking lot and headed towards the freeway. “Twenty bucks.â€?

“You’re on.”

I slammed on the brakes just as he put the burger to his mouth, causing him to get a face full of Whopper. “Totally worth it.â€?

“You bastard!â€? He threw a fry at me as I jammed the gas pedal against the floorboard, weaving in and out of traffic. “Aw man, they forgot to give us napkins.â€?

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