Puzzles in the Castle in the Air [pt. 2]

Jacques stood and stared, attempting to locate the source of the strange light, which appeared to come from everywhere and nowhere at once. Gabrielle let out a small gasp behind him and he turned to look at her. She was staring peculiarly in the direction he had been facing, and after a moment lifted a finger and pointed.
He turned. What he saw was a wall with six completely identical doors. Identical but for the stone podiums which stood before each of them, and on which rested an icon of some interest. On the first, a baton set with blood red rubies; followed by a coiled serpent, head erect; two solemn looking twin figures facing one another; a veiled woman holding a child; a seemingly insignificant hourglass; a small pouch.

Jacques sighed softly. This was so familiar, yet so utterly undefinable. He felt in some part of him that he could gain a measure of control by solving the puzzle, yet he knew not why, or how it would.

And the look on Gabrielle’s face told him that she had never seen this room before.

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