So Long...

As Emily tried to understand what had just happend, her consciousness began to flicker, a dying lightbulb in an attic.

She felt woozy; she fought to remain conscious. “Who are you?” she mustered.

“You’ll learn soon enough,” the man droned, raising his arm parallel to the floor, arm extened toward Emily’s chest. Emily felt something twist her heart; she fought not to cry out. Her eyes met Dana’s.

Help… me…” she gasped. Dana’s eyes were filled with a combination of sympathy, inability to help, and a slight “I told you so.”

The man’s mouth twisted into a dark smile. “It’s almost complete,” he hissed to himself.

“What’s…. complete?” Emily mustered, now on her knees in agony.

“I’ve been waiting so long…” the man said in diabolical victory, just as Emily blacked out, “so… long…

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