Pure Epiphany of Hatred

My eyes are blurry,
my mind weak,
everything I thought I knew falling to pieces before me.
I’m in agony,
and my heart lurches each time I think of what I’m doing to him.
I tell him I love him,
only him,
I tell him I’d never cheat,
never leave him,
but what I don’t say is that I’m lying.

All the fights,
I can’t forget,
the things you said won’t soon be forgiven.
You scream at me and I cry until it all becomes too much,
I can’t take this anymore,
please just stop it,
I don’t know how much more I can take.
My mind shies away from the menace in your voice,
the pure epiphany of hatred ringing in every word you speak.
I never thought I’d do this,
I never dreamed I’d have a reason to,
but its all becoming too much,
your disrespect growing to insanity,
and I just have to say goodbye.

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