Figment of the Imagination

Emily opened her eyes. Where was she? A black expanse; no distinction between floor and sky. She stood up; she felt odd. Then she realized: she was inside her own subconcious.
Just then, a fog suspended in midair appeared before her. It was the exact color of the Wonderball. It snickered.
“Did you think you’d outsmart me? I may look like a toy, but truths can be decieving, can’t they?” it asked slyly.
“What do you want from me?” Emily hissed.
“Oh, not just from you, dear.” The fog reached out to stroke her cheek. She jerked away. “You see, I can’t break free for long without a host. You just happened to be right there, so I took advantage,” he explained silkily. “I have to use what I got.”
In a flash, Emily felt her legs disintigrating. The blue fog began to grow more distinct. “Now, dear Emily, you will be a mere memory.”
“She will not!” another voice shouted. Emily saw a similar fog, red this time, behind the blue.
The split personality…
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