No Ordinary Couple

And then that memory stopped as suddenly as it had begun, leaving Tracy unsatisfied. But she wasn’t done just yet.

She finished up the trim by placing a gentle hand at the base of his skull as she combed his bangs into place. This was usually where the treasure trove of memories lay, memories often so dark and sinful that they’d been repressed, like trash swept under a rug.

The memories came all at once, but she was expecting this. A waterfall of flashing pictures, the colors impossibly bright, the sounds too loud. And then, as they settled into place, one memory stood out in sharp relief.

Tracy saw a young couple lying in bed, facing each other. It was the girl with the long curly hair and she was wrapped in Brock’s strong arms.

“Don’t ever leave me, Brock.”

“I’ll never leave you, Claire.”

“Just promise me you won’t get hurt…”

And then it ended, just like that. Tracy bristled with curiosity and impatience. This was no ordinary couple.

“OK, sir, all done. Now it’s your turn, little lady.”

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