Killing time

Laura Gibson is spending the afternoon at the shopping mall. It is a Saturday afternoon. So, needless to say she has some downtime. Her husband Ethan is at the golf course with his business associates. So she is left to her own devices.

Laura is currently browsing the racks at Neman Marcus. She is on a quest for the perfect black coctail dress. She needs one to wear for a business function of Ethan’s. Natrually her closet is over stuffed with clothes, but she wants something new, something diffrent. She figures that people have already seen her, in whatever she stores in her closet. This would be a change. She finally finds something that catches her eye. It’s a stylish spagetti strap dress with beaded crystals along the neckline. This should do.. She thinks to herself.

With dress in hand she walks over to the Jewlery counter. And looks for something to wear with the dress. She finds a beautiful necklace and earring combo. Encrusted in diamonds. Natrually, it would look great with the dress.

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