Memory, All Alone In the Moonlight

The couple winked playfully at each other as the girl walked past Brock, smiling roguishly at his new haircut, which he undoubtedly thought made him look more irresistible. Tracy didn’t know whether to gag or to sigh with contentment. That’s amore.

The girl settled down and this time, Tracy went straight for the exciting memories – the daring, the mischievous, the downright deadly – if there were any.

A man, not Brock, stood before the girl as they interlocked in a passionate embrace. The girl flicked her eyes down to her belt, where she suddenly withdrew a slim pistol and shoved it against the other man’s belly. The affectation stopped.

Tracy tried to hide her frustration as yet another tasty one flicked off before the end.

The girl was running through the back streets of the city now, panting and stumbling. She knew that Brock would get himself in trouble one of these days, what with what their jobs were, but not this soon. “Brock?” she called, hearing rough sounds up ahead.

Tracy frowned.

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