Out-of-Order Challenge - The Beg-end-ing

June walked back into the living room where the guys were watching the Packers game. The Pack was winning. She handed a fresh beer to Niles and plopped down into her favorite spot on the couch.

Her mind wasn’t on the game. Jim and Niles sat there, obliviously cheering as the players moved around the field. Play after play. All she could think about was the piece of paper in her nightstand drawer.

Niles hadn’t seen it yet. The foreclosure notice had come in the mail yesterday. Jim’s signature was at the bottom.

How could he show his face knowing its here?

A commercial came on and Jim’s demeanor suddenly changed. “Guys,” he said, “I want to run something by you.”

Niles took a witless swig from his beer. “Whazzup, Jim?”

“I know you guys are in a rough patch right now.” Jim continued. “What say we rob my bank?”

Niles laughed, but June knew Jim was serious.

“I’ve been testing security. It’s very doable. But I need help.”

June stammered three words. “We’ll do it.”

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