Introduction to the Werewolves continued

So I sat there and daydreamed about a new werewolf I’d met. I was wondering what her pack was like, hadn’t seen a girl my age in years besides members of my pack, and they – after a while – annoy you. She was trespassing on our land, I was out hunting and found her. She saw me and seemed frightened and since I was alone I spared her life, I hated killing, that’s why I never went on hunts.

Her eyes were deep chocolate brown and she had dark almost black fur in the fading light, it was very short though. She was much taller than me, but everybody is so that didn’t matter. I’m the smallest in the pack, but the strongest fighter. We loped over to greet each other and began talking, we discovered we were much the same.

Now I sit here wondering what her families like and if I’ll ever see her again. She seemed very nice and I was in desperate need of a friend. I let my blue eyes wonder over to where two kids play fought in the dirt. As one yelped I sent the other a warning growl which made him yelp in fear.

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