If thats the way its gonna be: Part 19

I was walking through the hallway the next day thinking about all my problems. I was so caught up in thinking that I didn’t notice Maria walking by. She purposly bumped into me and made me drop all my books on the ground. She and Emma laughed loudly. I got up. That was it.
“Hey Maria, whats so funny?”
“Did you enjoy your trip?”
She laughed some more.
“Look Maria, I’m sick of you picking on me all the time.”
She starded at me. No one had ever comfronted her like that before.
“Look I would appreciate it if you would stop.”
“Your just jealos of me because I have tons of friends and Jake.”
“Friends? Jake? I dont care about that anymore. I have new friends, and I have a different guy that I like who is way cooler than Jake.”
“Is it that dork Eric?
“He’s not a dork, he’s my best friend. Anyway Maria, please just leave me alone.”
I picked up my books and walked away, leaving Maria speechless.

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