We Meet Again

- Carlene -
I smelled her at once, our hunting party hadn’t returned so I knew who it was without a thought. The smell of blood was there too. My head shot up instinctively, but I made my eyes stay darkened with boredom. “What is it?” My mother asked pretending to care, before I answered she turned back to the food she was preparing.”Nothing, I’m going for a walk.” I said through my teeth, anger filled me at my mother’s lack of care.

I took off after I was out of sight of the others, sprinting in a hurry to where she stood, a mile into the forest, blood mostly obscured her scent. Her head shot up as my scent hit her nostrils, flaring widely. “What are you doing back here?” I asked stepping out from the cover of the trees, my hair had fallen out while I was running and fell in glorious blonde waves to my waist.

She growled crouching low, ready for a fight. “Shhhhh…” I whispered, “I’m not here to fight you. But you really shouldn’t be here, can’t you smell us?” She titled her head as she stared at me.

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