Eleanor Rigby (Sing-Song Challenge)

Eleanor hadn’t left the church since that day. He was just a little late, that was all….just a little late. He would be here soon enough.
She had tried to convince Father McKenzie to wait, but there was another wedding the next day, and he couldn’t postpone that just to wait for Ben. But she knew he would come. He wouldn’t leave her, not after all they’d been through together. He’d only joined the navy because he had to, not because he wanted to. He’d never wanted to get on that cursed boat, but he didn’t have any choice. Eighteen months, he’d said, they would be married in eighteen months.
She bent down and picked up a grain of rice from the cold church floor. There had been another wedding earlier that day. The groom actually showed up to that one….but she couldn’t be mad at Ben. It wasn’t his fault that he was late….he’d be here soon enough. She rolled the rice between her thumb and forefinger.
Oh, she was so tired. If only the wedding had gone as planned. If only Ben were here….

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