Shooting Nerves

Amy held her breath, trying to ignore the cold, rough floor against her shoulders and her buttocks. When she had seen the location she knew that the photos were going to be striking, but her heart had sunk a little when the impending discomfort had dawned on her in the next moment. Still she had sat in icy streams, even posed in the snow; these were not the most extreme conditions that she had endured. Her thoughts were interrupted by Darius;

“That’s fantastic, Amy, thanks so much. Why don’t you get up and get warm for five to ten? John’s got a brew for you, and I’ll get the lights set up for the next shot.”

She had never worked with Darius before, but she liked the work he had sent her and the general buzz amongst the other models she knew was that he was respectful and yet a fun guy. She shrugged on the robe that John brought over to her, with a mug of tea, and quickly flashed a look at Jo; she was smiling at her, and that felt good. She was glad to have brought her; her support in this meant the world.

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