But that was the way it was. Through all the centuries I have been here, those stupid pigeons won’t seem to leave me alone. Maybe its the whole “person stuck in stone” thing that draws them. They say animals are much more intuitive than humans, you know. Like that prick that just walked by and left his candybar wrapper at my feet. Like some pitiful offering sent up to soley humiliate me, antagonize me. Well, to hell with that. To hell with all of this. Maybe I did make a mistake to love someone above my “station,” but in the grand scheme of things, who really cares that Persephone was the axis that my universe revolved around? I had never touched her, she never really noticed me. Only the gods seemed to notice the fact that I hung around her like a dying man to christ. Damn them anyways. Who were they to judge me? They were only gods. Its not like they rule the universe or anything. Ok, so maybe they do, but thats not the point! The point is that I’m through with this crap. I’m breakin’ out!

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