Extreme Times Create Extreme Nerds.(Summer Vacation Challenge)

NORBERT These are the new rules: you will not be allowed in this house between 9 and 5 all summer you are going to see a new amazing place OUTSIDE
It was the worst summer ever. I tried to breach the security through a window, but the shrew caught me. Next i tried the attic, ATARI in hand and problem solved. Then i heard her rebel yell and had to dodge flying shoes in bullet time.
I was sure all was lost, until i saw the local ruffians about to create a ‘George Of The Jungle’ expereince with a tow rope, power-pole and busy intersection. They took a break for some bullying, or as they say to E-Nerdilate me.However i froze them in their tracks when i offered to try the swing first.The philistines were hypnotized as i climbed the latus work to the roof. I don’t remember the details besides the flaming transformer, the oncoming cars, and waking up in a huge shell.

“Mrs.Rothering your son will be in this body cast at least three months. I hope he likes video games and T.V.”
It was the best summer ever.

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