Darkness Cover Me (Dead Tell Tales Challenge)

“Well, hurry up. It’s almost dark.”

“I will. See you in a bit. Love you, Bye.”

“Love you, too. Bye.”

Renee pressed the off button on her phone and hung it on her side. She watched the sun just barely peeking over the horizon. Shaking her head, she went back to work on the wax paper with the broken crayon.

The inscription from the headstone was legible enough for her liking and she rolled up the paper, securing it with a rubber-band. “Thanks great great Grandma,” she muttered.

She gathered her markings into a bundle and picked up her notebook. Renee grumbled as she looked westward again. Darkness was gathering around her. There would be no more ancestor hunting today.

She shoved the notebook into her satchel. Slipping the bundle into a sleeve and hefting the satchel over her shoulder she started walking toward the gates of the old cemetery.

Renee hadn’t given a second thought to the old crypts during sun light hours. Now that it was dark, she hesitated before walking amongst the marble monstrosities.

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