It was just another day. A Tuesday. I plopped into my chair and wiggled the mouse sitting on my desk, bringing the computer to life.

With a bored sigh, I tapped in my password. The same password I’d used for six years…just with some numbers pinned to the end.

I punched the Outlook icon. 37 unread. Meeting at 9.

The red light on my phone was glowing. Voicemails.

“Shit.” I breathed quietly under the buzz of people jabbering away around me, every one of them sitting in identical cubicles doing the same damn thing.

Then she walked up the row.

No. She drifted. Slo-mo. She moved with such grace. Her slender form floated. Her dark eyes hypnotizing. Her hair bounced like in a commercial.

My God…she was incredible.

Shit! Staring! Panic set in.

She stopped at the empty desk to my right.

“Hello.” The word slid off her lips like dew off a rose. “I’m Valerie.”

She didn’t plop into the chair. But I wouldn’t call it sitting down either. She melted into it.

I choked. “Um. Hi.”

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