Darkness Cover Me 2 (Dead Tell Tales Challenge)

Renee gritted her teeth and reached for her phone. Then she shook her head and laughed, “You are being silly. You are in cemeteries every weekend.”

Then she breathed an unsteady breath, “But go ahead and call home anyway.”

She looked at her phone in disbelief. Then anger overruled fear. No service. She sighed, angrily, and started walking.

Her head was down as she watched the bars on her phone, waiting for at least one to appear.

A cold breeze touched her cheek and stopped her in her tracks. She looked up slowly.

“Hello, Sweetheart. You shouldn’t be here,” the old woman spoke softly to Renee. “Not now. He’s looking for you, y’know.”

Renee frowned as she stare at this grey haired woman. Her face beyond wrinkled with age, her dress was tattered and obviously from another time.

“Do I know you?” She stammered.

“I hope so,” the lady chuckled, “but we don’t have time for that.” She reached out and took Renee’s hand, “Come, he’s on his way. And he’s going to find you.”

Renee winced, “You’re cold.”

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