Darkness Cover Me 4 (Dead Tell Tales Challenge)

The old woman’s cackle filled Renee’s ears like nails on a chalkboard. She looked up to the Rider whose face was covered with the fabled hooded cape.

“It’s time, Sweetheart,” the old woman said into Renee’s ear.

The white horse reared and when his hooves struck the pavement Renee felt herself leave her corporeal body. She lifted from the warm solidity of gravity and evanesced into the cool weightlessness of vaporous idea.

Renee tried to think but found it hard to concentrate. She managed to look around. Her own eyes stare at her mockingly, “You figure it out.”

She looked down to see wisps of translucent tendrils drifting where her legs should have been. She wanted to scream, but had no voice.

“Well, Sweetheart. I have to go home,” the phone rang, “Sounds like someone’s looking for me.”

“Hello? Yes. I’m on my way. Got a bit tied up,” she winked at the now ghostly Renee. Then walked away in her earthly body.

Renee heard her last words, “I think I have all the ancestors I’ll ever need.”

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