Strange Normalities: Purple Paper Crane

“Alright, everyone get out a 10×8 lined paper!” the instructor barked. Everyone dutifully obeyed. I, however, pulled out a square sheet of paper. Everyone stared at me; the instructor ignored me. “Now, I want everyone to pay attention and take notes!” he instructed, dimming the lights and turning on a filmstrip. Can this dunce do anything besides yell?

After what seemed like forever, the projector flickered off. “Now, I want to see how well you all payed attention. Julie! Will you read your notes to us?” he asked me. I shook my head calmly. The instructor balked. “No? What do you mean no?”
“I was denying your request to read my notes lest I offend you,” I replied nonchalantly. Harsh whispering behind me ensued. Wavering slightly, he held out his hand for my paper. I placed a purple paper crane in it. People snickered. Carefully unfolding it, we all saw his face turn red, then purple. An uncomfortable silence followed. Slamming his fist on my desk, he pointed a red finger to the door. “Office! Now!”

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