The Band Incident (Part 18)

6 am, Jacob’s alarm went off. Another day to face. At least this day was going to bring some justice.

Jacob thought as he lay in bed. He thought back to all that had happened in the last 3 months. He had thought back to that fateful day and the days after it. He thought back to that night. Heather hadn’t believed him. She couldn’t believe him. She had forced him to say it. To say the thing that hurt him the most.

There had been viewing, no burial, no chance to say goodbye. There had been nothing but pain.

There were rumors of course. Rumors about what really happened. Rumors trying to explain the suddenness of it all. The ever popular rumor, Gracie had broken out of jail to go and finish what she started. How else could people explain her sudden death? She had been doing fine…

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