The Band Incident (Part 20)

Today would bring an end. Today there would be some closure. Well as much as the ever could be for Jacob. He could never heal. He could never move on. He had accepted the fact that he would most likely live the rest of his life in this abyss. Like a robot going through the motions with no feeling. Though to say he had no feelings would be a lie. He felt the deepest, soul-tearing pain. He felt the utter loss. Worse of all he felt the guilt.

The terrible guilt that ate at him every moment of every day. He knew it was wrong for him to blame himself, but he did. If it hadn’t been for him Gracie would never of shot Liz. Liz would never of gone into that coma. If it weren’t for him Liz would be happy at home with her family instead of six feet in the ground in some random cemetery some where. It just wasn’t fair. Why did I have to screw up her life? Why did I even bother with Gracie? I should’ve known the entire time that Liz was the one for me. he wondered as the guilt slowly destroyed what was left of him.

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