The Band Incident (Part 21)

The guilt was endless. How could I think there was someone better for me than her? Why did I make her wait? Why couldn’t I realize that she was the one? I didn’t deserve her. She deserved so much more. I’m such an idiot! Only a complete moron wouldn’t be able to pick up on the hints she was leaving. Looking back it was so easy to see. She had liked him for so long and it was so obvious. Obvious to everyone except him.

How fustrating must it have been for her? Seeing each other almost every day for the last 4 years, the entire time being so close to what she wanted most and yet so far. Seeing in with his arms wrapped around other girls, killing her bit by bit. How had he been so blind? How could he have not seen how much it hurt her when he would complain about being lonely or ranted about how awesome things were going with this girl or that one? How had he been so blind? So insensitive? How had he been such a jerk?

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