The Band Incident (Part 23)

The courtroom was filled with abnormally quiet band students. It seemed as if the entire band had come to perform for some ceremony at the courtroom instead of going to witness the trial of one of their own for the shooting of another of their own.

Jacob was completely lost within his thoughts. He didn’t notice anything. He didn’t realize he had stood up as the judge entered the courtroom. He didn’t notice the charges being read. He didn’t notice Gracie’s plead of guilty. He did come back to reality a bit as the two sides began presenting their cases but there wasn’t much for him to focus on. He knew what they were going to say. He didn’t need to relive that day.

The courtroom was cold or maybe it was just him. He had been cold a lot lately. There was little to give him warmth in his life now. It really is true that you have no idea how much you need something until it’s gone. You really can’t appreciate something until its been taken away but by then it’s too late. Or was it?

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