REACTr: Building the Perfect Beast

He followed the tech over to the opening of the broken shipping container where the remains of four bodies lay strewn in the wreckage. It was hard to tell that they had ever been human.

It looked like they’d been sprayed with acid and left pitted with holes of various sizes. No distinguishing features remained, just generic, oozing, dead meat.

“So the reefer was filled with nanomist cloud of Zeus. These four popped the container and… BAM !” the tech said, “Hell of a security system, no?”

“No shit, but protecting what?” Zeus, Nick thought, slang, what grunts called ZUS -416. He struggled to fight down the flashback, the screams, the smells, the feel of nano burn through flesh. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, exhaling slowly.

“Not much of anything. Empty boxes, a few bits and pieces, an armored body… nada. But the really strange part, looks like the nano was building something out of this shit and the bodies.”

“Not building,” Nick replied as he stooped over a body. “Built.

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