The killer of killers

My name is six of the 33,999th group of the sixteenth case of the forth group,but you can just call me six. I dont remember anything before i was made, but i do know i was almost a peice of non-stick cookware. Which isn’t a bad job unless you are part of the Martha Stewart collection, cause let’s face it you would almost rather be associated with Oprah. The cooking implement gig is great i just needed more action. Another thing that a lot of people don’t know is that non-stick cooking pans are deadly to birds, no shit.
“Is it my turn?Oh next, kewl.”
Now where was I? OH yeah the fag. I had a friend number wte7654 and he went out for the cookware gig. Well i am not a homophobe or anything, but he went to work for this guy who was a tad ‘sweet in the feet’. Well the guy leaves the pots on and kills his birds, and because he has no kids emptiness takes him and he commits suicide. Now that pan saw some action, but what are the odds?
Well I’m up, S&W Bullet#6

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