The End. ((egnellahC sdrawkcaB))

From His Point of View
I held Her close in my arms. I stroked Her beautiful hair. Our last minutes together were wondrous. We sat on the beach, watching the sun set for the last time. “Remember, that one time? We sat on the beach, and a jellyfish stung you on the leg?” She chuckled. “You asked me to pee on your leg. Our first date. That was a long time ago. April 26th. 2008, I think.” “Yep. I counted the days. 1962 days, to be exact.”
“I love you,” She said. “I love you, too,” I said to Her. “What a beautiful way to die. Sitting on the beach with the one you love. Being one of the last hundred people on earth.” “Yeah,” She replied.
I looked at my watch. 12:11:45 pm. “Fifteen seconds. Goodbye. I’ll see you in Heaven.” I said. “I’m not ready to go! I love you! I can’t-” The beach exploded into a hellish flame.

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