Stitch in My Side [egnellahC sdrawkcaB]

I shoved the gun in my back pocket and ran out of the room without a second look. This was a small condominium with paper-thin walls. Someone must have heard the bullet, and that someone was sure to call the cops.

I ran down the hall, not even bothering to shut the front door. After a second of deliberation, I decided to take the stairs – I was less likely to run into somebody and it led directly onto the street.

I didn’t even pause to breathe on the way down, despite the fact that I was coming from the fifth floor. Before I even reached the second floor, I developed a painful stitch in my side. Come on, you have to get out of here! Muscle through it!

At long last, I pushed through the door, almost falling onto the pavement.

Thankfully there was nobody around. The sun was setting and there was a bright red haze to everything. I bent forward at the waist, breathing hard. Refusing to think too much about what I’d just done. I had killed the man I once loved and now I would have to run forever as a result.

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