Peripheral evil part 2.5 (Comets collide)

Annette, sat up in the driver’s seat to reposition her floor length hair.
“Put that skirt on, Rosy.”
“I ain’t wearing it Mama, just hit me.”
“ANNETTE, STOP IT NOW !” Yelled her father.
“MAMA look out!”
Hands met the dashboard, and seat belts stressed as the minivan slid.

“Rosalyn are you OK?”
“Damn-it Annette, where are your glasses.”
“Shut up Jim they slammed on brakes too.”
“Rosalyn answer me.”
The Gods had shaken her snow globe filled with the Old Shaw Cemetery next to the Persimmon Hill Holiness Tabernacle, two cars avoiding a phantom, and a split second flash of Sully. Lost in her globe she thought, “He (Sully) can see them. I know he can. I saw the look on his angelic face, & in those rye grass emerald eyes. I am not alone. Did he see me? Who cares! I saw him .”
“NO mam, not OK, wonderful”
“You’re puttin’ on that skirt.”
The rebellious girl as if in a trance dumped the minuscule confettied pieces on the seat.
You mean this skirt?”

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