The Unbalanced Scale

“Taylor, you know that no one wants to see you like that again, and yet here you are.”
I gritted my teeth slightly.
“Bonnie, listen-”
“No Taylor, you listen. You’re too sweet for her you know it.”
“And I’ll be damned to see you hurt again.”
The phone went dead.

I sighed deeply and hung up the phone. I turned off the TV and went to my bedroom. After brushing my teeth and changing, I got in bed and turned out the lights. But the darkness did not bring sleep. Instead it brought back all my thoughts and worries… Is Bonnie still fuming at me…? What will she say if she sees Annie and I together…?
I thought about calling her back and trying to talk things out.
Talk what out? She’s the one who hung up on you…
I answered myself almost instantly: She’s the best friend you have… and the only one who’s stuck with you through everything…
Then I thought about Annie. If I spent too much time talking to Bonnie, she’d get worried…
God please balance this scale…

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