I see now. I see that there is no perfect ending. There is no fairy tale happily ever after. I see that you’re not going to suddenly realize you love me. That there will be no romantic confesion. That you’re not going to stand there, look me passionately in the eyes and tell me how you were so wrong to make me wait. How you were so stupid for not realizing I was the one sooner. Its not who you are. You don’t have it in you to admit you were wrong, or blind, or stupid. I see the real you now. Or, better yet, I’m facing the harsh reality of who you really are for the first time. I’m through ignoring what you really are. The shallow, stupid jerk that can’t see what he’s missing. Can’t see what’s infront of his eyes. Can’t see how he continues to hurt me after all these years. I can see it all now.

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