Sinking and Floating (egnellahc sdrawkcab)

Violet breathed a sigh of relief as the box drifted out of sight in the turquoise water. It’s simple mosaic surface winked at her before disappearing, sinking fast. She drew herself away from the side of the rubber dinghy and pulled her knees to her chest.

She didn’t realize she was laughing until there were tears running down her cheeks and her arms were shaking harder than they had in a long time. She wiped her face dry and crawled to the center of the yellow disc; she had to eat sometime. She figured it might as well be a celebration, the cursed thing was finally gone.

As she rummaged through vacuum sealed meals trying to find something tasty, her hand brushed over her new, angry scar. It tingled for a second, and fear washed over her anew. No, no… it was just an itch, just a tingle, that was all. She reassured herself over and over as she selected some freeze-dried chicken and green beans.

The box was gone, she was alive, and she would be rescued soon. She smiled into the sunlight, it was over.

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