Welcome to the Neighborhood [Willy Wonka Challenge]

Mrs. Jones stared out of her window on to the calm street deep in the Chicago suburbs. Her petunias had begun to wilt in the hot June sun. She would have to remember to water them later today.

Across the street, she watched the moving van pull away from a house almost identical to her own.

“Boys! Come downstairs!” she yelled up the stairway, “It’s time to go and welcome our new neighbors!”

She grabbed the plate of fresh chocolate chip cookies from the kitchen counter, and headed across the street with her two scraggly teenage sons in tow.

As she knocked on the door, she looked at her two sons to remind them of their manners. Both of them rolled their eyes, and the younger one whispered, “We remember what you told us, mom.”

Mrs. Jones nodded curtly, and quickly turned towards the opening door. She looked over her new neighbor, a very anxious and happy busy-body housewife.

Extending the cookies to her new neighbor, Mrs. Jones smiled her most welcoming smile.

“Welcome to the neighborhood!”

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