Oh and You

I need light,
to make my world bright.
I need air,
to take care.
I need water,
to make me stronger.
I need food,
to fix my mood.
Oh, and I need you.

I want a car,
to take me far.
I want a bubble,
to save me trouble.
I want a pool,
to keep my cool.
I want a dove,
to show some love.
Oh, and I want you.

I like cats,
to get the rats.
I like fights,
to show my might.
I like carts,
to have all their parts.
I like dummies,
to be wrapped like mummies.
Oh, and I like you.

I dream of a place,
where I can get some space.
I dream of a book,
that really makes you look.
I dream of a store,
that isn’t a bore.
I dream of a sill,
that looks out to the hills.
Oh, and I dream of you.

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