Damned if you do, and double damned if you don't

Griggs sat down at his temporary station in the field HQ. Strategic thinking had always been his strong point, from his decorated military career through to running sting operations to trap drug dealers.

Then the country had started prioritising terrorist defence, and he had been reallocated to CTU . He had been hugely successful, resolving a number of terrorist threats bloodlessly, or nearly so. That was why he was here outside of this prestigious university, but he had never encountered anyone as ruthless and brilliant as this terror outfit.

Their use of a chemical lab shipment to get the explosives into the university had been a stroke of dark genius, and the fact that their unwitting accomplices had been found slaughtered like market pigs indicated that here he was dealing with a degree of ruthlessness that he had seldom witnessed, even among the Columbian drug Cartels.

He sighed and ordered Novua: “Get the chief on the line, we are going to have to call in the raveners.”

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